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Awareness Training is uniquely designed for every dog.  We call it Awareness Training because we are committed to increasing the harmony and awareness between you and your dog. During an initial 90-minute consultation at your residence, we discuss your training objectives, observe how you interact with your dog and provide you with a structured training plan. This is a hands-on training session where we work with you and your dog to address behavioral and training issues. We prefer to meet with all members of your family during the consultation so we can come up with a plan that works for everyone.

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Puppy Immersion and Socialization Phase 1 takes the sleepless nights and aggravation out of puppy training. In Phase 1, we potty train, crate train, socialize and lay a strong foundation of basic manners for proper puppy behavior. Your puppy is guaranteed to meet a minimum of 100 new people, 50 vaccinated dogs and have 25 new positive learning experiences during each week with us so your puppy has the best opportunity for complete socialization during the critical 16-week window. At the end of Phase 1, you receive a training session and Puppy Progress Report so you know how to maximize the learning your puppy received.

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Puppy Immersion and Socialization Phase 2 (after full vaccinations, under 5 months old) focuses on laying a strong foundation for good, stable dog behavior including proper greetings, play, bite inhibition, interaction with children and exposure to a huge variety of dogs, people, places, sights and sounds to help your puppy become well-adjusted in these formative weeks. This training may be the most important decision you make for your puppy. At the end of Phase 2, you receive a training session and Puppy Progress Report so you know what you need to focus on moving forward.

Daisy2Rehabilitation Training is for your furry pal who has special needs.  Chris and Lisa have experience in training dogs to use carts when birth defects, amputations or old age make mobility difficult or unsafe.  We have experience in methods such as aqua-therapy and physical reconditioning of limbs after surgery.  If your dog is newly physically challenged or has a birth related defect and you would like to know what options are available for the best quality of life, we can help.


Fit-2-Train is a special program for dogs that exercises both your dog’s mind and body. It is perfect for dogs that need additional training before qualifying for our adventure exercise groups. This hybrid program includes recall training, socialization and exercise, in addition to any special training needs your dog has. Many of our clients use this program to transition from awareness training to adventure exercise groups.

Adventure hike.

Off-Leash Adventures include off-leash hikes, off-leash dog park visits and beach romps. This type of exercise is for your furry friend who is already well trained and socialized. Programs are dependent on your dog’s health, age and fitness requirements. Exercise programs are fully facilitated and interactive to ensure that your dog exercises and has fun! Groups will never be larger than six dogs.

On the move.

On-Leash Exercise is a more traditional “dog-walk” activity. Ideal for dogs who don’t do well off-leash or are older but still need regular exercise to stay fit. To qualify for On Leash Exercise, your dog must be leash trained and have good leash manners with other dogs. We offer discounts to multiple-dog households.


Pick-a-Pup is one of our most popular services. We help with breed education, preview your choices or assist in choosing the right pup to fit your family’s lifestyle and other pets in your household. If you are looking for a purebred, we also help you vet breeders to make sure you are obtaining your puppy from a reputable one. This service is custom designed to fit your family’s needs.

Service Guarantee: We promise to keep your dog safe while in our care. We promise to provide the service you have contracted us for. We promise to respect your home, property and privacy whenever entering your home to exercise or train your dog. We promise to always treat your dog with the kindness and love that we show our own dogs.