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Chris’ Greatest Challenge and Inspiration


Q: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Describe both your greatest achievements and biggest challenges.

Chris: Both competition and service is core to my personality. As a young child, I began fundraising for various charities and organizations, always striving to reach more people and raise more funds than anyone else. I aspired to become a veterinarian when I was six years old, reading all I could about animals and caring for the stray, hungry or hurt animals in our neighborhood. I wanted to show them the same love they gave me.

As a business owner I have overcome many physical challenges to the demanding work of caring for living beings. In 2005 I was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident which left me with a broken back and partially paralyzed for two years. The accident put my dreams for expanding my business on hold while I completed physical therapy and recovered my ability to walk and then run. The road to recovery was long but thanks to my loyal customers, my business is thriving and I am once again ready to expand.

Today, I work hard to maintain my physical, psychological, and spiritual health to ensure the safety and well-being for each dog in my care. This balance represents both my greatest achievement and biggest challenge.

What Makes Camp Harmony Dogs Unique?

Chris and the boyz

At Camp Harmony Dogs, we’ve built our entire business on referrals. Why do our clients love us? Because we make dog training and fitness fun!

Serving the SF Bay Area since 2003, Camp Harmony Dogs is known for creating unique and personalized training and exercise programs that fit the needs of your dog and family, treating your dog with the same love and care we do our own and creating a fun and harmonious environment that has dogs howling for more.

We strongly believe that most behavior issues can be resolved through greater understanding of canine needs. Our services include Awareness Training, focusing on building healthy bonds between pets and people, Adventure Hikes, Puppy Socialization, Physical Rehabilitation, Pet-Sitting and “Pick-a-Pup” – helping families select appropriate pets.

Our customers entrust us with their beloved pets and access to their homes which we treat with the utmost respect and integrity. Many of our clients have been members of Camp Harmony Dogs’ Family for over a decade!