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About Us

Offering an unprecedented combination of experience and education, Chris Sotak and Lisa Frost bring quality, love, and understanding to training and specialized fitness programs for your dog. Their combined experience in the helping professions allow Chris and Lisa to provide human companions with effective, clear and simple plans that are tailored to their dogs’ unique needs and designed to provide a greater level of awareness between humans and canines.

Chris and Lisa have over 60 years combined experience in handling dogs.


Meet the Trainer!

Chris Sotak specializes in providing solution-based Canine Awareness Training and is known for her uncanny connection to dogs. She has an extraordinary success rate with dogs of all temperaments and training needs and pours her heart into her work. She strongly believes that most issues can be overcome by building healthier bonds between humans and pets.

Chris is also a professional personal trainer for human clients by trade and loves coming up with ways to keep the whole family fit!

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Meet the Coach!

Lisa Frost M.A. has had poodles all of her life and loves all dogs. She has a background in Canine Awareness Training, an M.A. in psychology and is a Certified Master Coach. She particularly loves coaching parents of dogs on becoming better pack leaders, women who need to be more assertive with male dogs and families that need to come together on training philosophy.

In addition to coaching, Lisa assists Chris in dog training, exercise and boarding and vets breeders for our Pick-a-Pup service.